Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation

Obtaining a verified Jurisdictional Wetland Delineation (JWD) from the Army Corps of Engineers should be amongst the first steps in planning for developing or altering a parcel of residential or commercial land. The verified JWD establishes a quantified record of the Waters of the US that occur on the property. The steps for obtaining this baseline document include:

  • A site evaluation by trained EPC personnel to assess wetland soils, hydrology and vegetation.  During the site visit survey flagging will be hung, delineating the wetland boundary.
  • Compilation of a plat, EPC personnel work along with the project surveyor to produce an accurate plat of the delineated areas.
  • Report submission, along with the plat an appropriate JWD report will be submitted to the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • Official site visit, upon receiving the report, an official site visit will be arranged during which a representative from the Corps of Engineers will verify the established waterway boundaries.

Many factors influence the time span in which it takes to obtain verification. It is highly suggested that you allow ample amount of time for this process to take place. We would happily answer questions regarding a specific project.